Sunday, July 3, 2011

Final deux days in Paris!

Okay so yesterday, I set out to get my money's worth for my museum pass. Unfortunately, I stayed up to late and didn't set an alarm. Not a great combo. So after my rather late start, I climbed the steps of l'arc de triomphe. I think the view from the top is spectacular! From there, I sought this crepe stand in the tulleries garden...still yummy. I visited monet's giant waterlilies at the orangerie. Then I headed o er to the musee d'orsay ( these day's I'm heading no where fast;) I love impressionist paintings, and they have a great collection. With less than an hour left, I made it to the louvre, deciding to head straight to the ancient Egyptian exhibit...missed tons, but still worth it. I made it home and decided to try to get reservations to this restaurant I read about in a book about where to eat in paris. It was great, but a limited menu had me choosing some not my favorite foods and some I've never heard of (seabream) fist with flat beans. Grand marnier cream with candied orange rinds and chocolate ganache (closer to chocolate pudding) good but a bit weird.

I am falling asleep so I'll just tell you that I started the day in a great little Protestant chuch, with my first sermon and church songs in French. Many familiar tunes, it was fun... My voice isn't completely back, but thankfully I could sing. For communion, everyone stood around the circular sanctary and passed the bread and the wine. The bread was all cut into pieces and kept in the bread bowl. There was also no escaping the communal cup. Great service! But I missed you all too! The rest of my fabulous day will come later! Bonne nuit de Paris!


  1. Thanks for your posts. I love reading them. :)

  2. "no escaping the communal cup." oh my goodness, that made me laugh!