Monday, July 4, 2011

Au revoir Paris et Bonjour Angers

After church yesterday and in honor of my dear friend jillie I sought out the oldest house in Paris, that of Nicolas flammel. On my way there, I found the musee carnavalet... Which I tried so hard to find a few days ago, buy wandered in circles instead. It's a free museum with lots of artifacts. I was hungry by then and walked by this little bistro. I saw some one eating dime charcuterie (think several types of dried salami) and I saw little French pickles on the plate... I had to have it, so I stopped in. Had I paid closer attention, I doubt I would have ordered it though because there was a huge slice? of pate in in the middle. It looked a lot like dog food, but was amazingly yummy... Who knew?
I found the old house... And then hopped on the metro to the marmottan museum. It's a but far from the center of Paris, but a great collection of Monet (my all time favorite artist!!!!!!!!). I walked over to the bois de bologne but not sure of the significance) then I stopped in a little park with a carousel where a man walks it around and kids have little wooden sticks trying to get the brass ring. I read there for about an hour, and then took the metro to the Eiffel tower.

Remember my complaint about the big giant screens for the world cup? Well, i was foiled again. The fountain was not covered, it was empty! Ugh!!! (maybe because of their drought?) I guess I just have to come back;) I stood in line forever (thank you kindle for getting me through the long wait) and it was freezing at the top, but the view is great. Starting at 11 pm, it has thousands of twinkling lights. It was 9:45 when I descended, so I read a bit more and then grabbed a sandwich I am sure glad I waited... Such a fabulous sight! It was late when returned, so I didn't finish the post. On my way back some guy on the metro interrupted my reading to ask about my kindle. I was a bit caught off guard because I've never had a conversation started on the metro before. I told him about it, but the funny thing is he was sure I was english because of my accent... I guess at least it's closer to France...but I still need some work:)

Today, I decided to have breakfast in the hotel. It was12€ so I'd not eaten before. Most of the places we'd stayed were 8€ or so for part if a baguette, some jam, and a coffee. (a huge rip off when I could get a super yummy chocolate croissant for about 1€. I had to leave quickly and their breakfast is held in their15th or so century basement, I thought the experience would make it worth it. I was also surprised because they had eggs and some hotdog type sausage, yogurt, cheese, croissants, baguettes, cereal, fruit, juice, and a whole pitcher of coffee least I didn't feel cheated.

Then I caught a high speed train to Angers. Boy did my ears have to pop...I'll not mention the awful toilettes... Oh wait...;)
I got to the train station wondering how I was going to find a lady I'd never seen. Thankfully, the university people had signs. Unfortunately my lady had come and gone, thinking I was arriving an hour later the university people were super nice.

I am super happy and the lady so far is so nice. I am living with one other student and have definitely been a translator, but I enjoy that. The girl I am staying with is from west virgina and seems super nice, but super jet lagged as she had just arrived. I have a nice blue and white striped room with lots of room to unpack...such a weird concept after back packing last year. The bed does make me feel like I'll soon fall out...same width as a sleeping bag! My twin bed at home seems like at least a queen in comparison! Happy 4th of July all:). I've my first day of school tomorrow...complete with a 2+ hour test... Boy am I nervous :)


  1. You'll do great, Jen! Fun "traveling with you" ;) Happy 4th!

  2. i'm proud of you for trying the pate! what courage! :)