Thursday, June 30, 2011

Je suis à Paris!!!!!!

Okay,so my trip started with a bit of panic. I boarded the plane just fine, and as I was settling into my seat I went to turn off my cell phone. Well, I had two rather fullbags, but couldn't find it anywhere. I even asked a girl if she could call it. It was ringing but not in my stuff. I had to get up and ask the flight attendant if someone could check the area I'd been waiting. She had me deplane after everyone was seated, and thankfully a flight attendant was coming down the ramp with my phone...that was a close one.

Both of my flights were great, but no sleep was to be had(which is in no way unusual). I sat by two girls under 11 (they both got the free kids meal). I had the aisle seat, and kids don't know normal airplane etiquette. One would need out, get back, get settled, and then the other girl would need out! Definately, makes sleep difficult.

Iceland makes everyone go through security again because other countries do not have their same standards. The only difference is that they ask you to take all of your electronics out of their bags. I thought , "ok, whatever". Then I started rummaging for cell phones, cameras, etc., and the girl tells me not to worry about it! It took forever, and was definitely pointless. Then, at the gate, there was no order, everyone just shoved forward to board. So wierd! I entered the EU in Iceland, so they stamped my passport there! Good thing I flew direct last summer, or I'd have no French stamp on my passport!

The airport was much better labelled in this terminal(last year I definitely felt unsure of how to leave. This time was much better, but boy it took forever to get my checked bag.

The hotel I am staying in is super cute. Tiny room, but that's Paris. I was so excited as I walked to the hotel from the train because I walked by all these little food shops( a butcher, cheese monger, fruit & veggie store, fish store, bakery, etc). When I got to the hotel, I really wanted to take a nap, but that's never a great idea for jet lag, so I forced myself to go out. I found this little gyro shop from last summer, it wasn't that great, but I'm sure I'll try it again:). I got Kyla's sister's French phone all set, but I have forgotten the country code. I found two small supermarkets very close, 5€ for 8 cans of orangina. I found a little shop that had the for 1€ but 2€ each is not uncommon. My hotel has a mini fridge, so I see some picnics in my future.

My room has the most beautiful view of this old church, but I can't remember it's name. I'll let you know soon I'm sure. To cap off a pretty great day, I heard back from my host mom...phew! She'll see me monday at the train station in Angers. She'd been in Italy, and she apologized for not getting back sooner. I however should have contacted her sooner,but all is well.

Must decide what to do tomorrow... So many options! Bonne nuit!

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